Derek Close – Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Where do I start?  As my friend, John used to say, “I guess I’ll start in the beginning.  In the beginning, I was a little boy….”  Ok, I won’t go back that far.

My music career, and I use the term lightly, started in the late 80’s and ran through the late 90’s.  During that time I had the privilege to play with some outstanding musicians in various bands in Western Washington.  Along with that came the opportunity to record a couple of band demos with My Cat Puddinhead, Judah and About This Big, do a little studio work for Nathan Creek and also be a part of the Worship Team at church.

So as it happens in life, changes come along and sideswipe you into new places.  Early 2001, I moved to Montana and spent most of the decade raising a family and working on a little music here and there. Fortunately, I was able to find a good church to attend and was also able to join their Worship Team.

So during the 2000’s I was able to collaborate and record with Sanctyfied on their 2007 album Flying High.  That inspired me to get working on my own music again which led to the 2011 release of my Christmas Instrumental album, In the Christmas Groove and the release of The Beta Sessions in 2014.

Now the music focus is on the Joshua’s Creed project.  Where do we go from here?  Only time will tell.